Grand Entrance & Portico

The Willows

Grand Entrance & Portico

When guests first arrive at The Willows, they drive beneath our stunning grand portico. Modeled after the original mansion’s porch, you can hardly see where our addition seamlessly transitions to the original mansion. Walking into our Grand Entrance, you are greeted by a custom Italian marble mosaic featuring the proud willow tree emblem that represents the grace, beauty and passion we wish our guests to experience while visiting our Wonderland.

Grand Entrance & Portico

Grand Entrance & Portico

Completed in 2021, our Grand Entrance Hallway boasts 70 feet of custom black and white checkered Italian marble.   Not to be outdone, our Portico’s equally grand design mirrors the original Mansion’s exquisite Victorian features. Every detail was artfully crafted and lovingly designed to bring the pinnacle of hospitality and service to our guests.


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